Yoga on Your Wedding Day

Breath in and breath out…ahhh…feeling relaxed yet?


Yoga is great for many things. It helps you relax, focus, and strengthens your joints and muscles, which is why we think this popular practice makes a great pre wedding workout. We have partnered with Core Studio owner, Lindsay Rainey, to discuss the benefits of yoga and her special wedding session she offers to our clients.


Lindsays Reasons for incorporating Yoga into your wedding day:

First, Yoga gives you a great workout without the feeling of sore muscles, shortness of breath and being drenched in sweat, unless you opt for a hot yoga session. In that case, sweat is an understatement.


Next, its a fun activity for a group regardless of everyone’s athleticism. Yoga is a series of stretches and moves that can be altered for each person.


Third, it is mindful movement focused. Meaning you are making a mind and body connection and not just burning calories just for the sake to burn calories.
This process helps to clear your mind and calm your nerves, and who couldn’t use that on their wedding day?

You can book Lindsay, or one of her certified Yoga instructors, to come to you at your home or hotel on your wedding day and conduct a 60 minute yoga session. In this class you will focus on breathing, movement, holding poses, and end with a three minute relaxation exercise that includes a eucalyptus soaked towel. You will spend time opening up your hips and pelvis region because as women, that’s’ where we hold stress. Some great poses Lindsay likes to include in a special wedding session would be lizard, pigeon, and a reclined bridge pose. “After hip openers it is most important to release your spine. If you don’t have a healthy spine, then you really don’t have a healthy body and one of the primary intents of a yoga class is to elongate your spine”, says Lindsay. This is just what you need to prepare you for standing at the altar and dancing the night away at the reception.


Stay tuned for our next article in collaboration with Jenna Laine Weddings on the 6 poses you must do weekly to get yourself honeymoon ready!



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