CORE’s mission is to provide you with a total body experience that will help you connect, flex and flow in each class. Meaning you will connect your mind with your body and connect with others, flex your muscles, and flow from pose to pose.


How does our combination make you your optimal version of yourself?

Variety and consistency.


Intensity and low-impact.


Equal emphasis of strength moves + flexibility components. 


Exploring each of our classes in combination to make you your highest self: our diverse schedule is the ideal combination to refresh your stale view on exercise and make you lean, light and toned.


We offer yoga classes, barre classes and CORE Fusion classes, which incorporate the awesome benefits of TRX. We’ve highlighted TRX’s strength building and boosting powers here so you can see the potential for your development as you start, or continue to practice.

Here’s how our schedule works, and the benefits of each modality:



Take after a CORE Fusion or Barre class to lengthen your muscles, or just to destress. Our postures in yoga will also incorporate core and muscle strength to make you the best version of yourself. We teach to a power and vinyasa method: meaning we give movement and breath cues with an emphasis on alignment. This is not fast-food yoga but rather a quality experience where you will learn to do the poses properly and leave with a sense of accomplishment. Each of member of our CORE FAM has completed an RYT 200 training program. 


Benefits: A multitude of benefits can come from a regular yoga practice: our favorites include: improved athletic ability (GREAT for our combination of classes!), reduced depression and anxiety, flexibility, mobility, improved energy, improved cardiovascular health, deeper breathing and lung expansion, less reactivity and a soft glow.

Barre aka BARRE Fusion

Take to increase range of motion, tone small supporting and ancillary muscles – this is a great strength compliment to yoga, or CORE Fusion, as we use larger muscles and ranges of motion in our TRX exercises.


Benefits: Barre is a blast – listening to music and challenging your inner ballet star, it is also beneficial to the body in a range of ways including strong core, stronger stabilizing muscles, better balance. This low-impact workout will also help strengthen your joints and keep you mobile for our other classes, and life itself. We instruct to the Barre Intensity method  and call our classes BARRE Fusion, because its just that: a barre experience on “steriods” that offers the group fitness experience and not just the stigma of barre classes geared towards “dancers” only. We have barres at two different heights so we can fit you to the right postures. We make hands-on adjustments to help you find the correct alignment that is safe to target the muscles and not just kick or move which would be working ligaments and tendons. We keep the work in the muscles so you can sculpt that long physique in a safe and healthy manner.

Suspension Training:

TRX is a yellow suspension band that allows you to use your body weight to workout and was originally developed by Randy Hetrix to use when he was a Navy Seal and needed a way to train while he was deployed. We’ll utilize these amazing straps during our CORE Fusion classes (and CORE Express-just a condensed version class lasting 45 minutes), but will also offer specific functional fitness classes, such as CORE CIRCUIT which is launched now 2 days a week to test run the format. The newest tool to TRX’s lineup is the RIP trainer, and in circuit we will use the TRX straps and RIP trainers to alternate between exercises to give you the intensity and strength to build better abdominal strength. The secret to success for professional athletes is in their ability to generate speed and power from their rotational movements. So let’s use the same tools to not necessarily develop rotational speed to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods, but rather to create abs like Michael Phelps. Developing a strong core is key to longevity. 


Benefits: CORE, abs, obliques, and oh CORE- you utilize your core stabilizing muscles during the entire time of your exercise, no matter what pose we’re doing. It’s like being in plank for minutes at time without pressure on your wrists. TRX helps build muscle tone, agility, stability, mobility, and overall performance. Results are seen fast with TRX as we use large muscle groups to torch calories and increase heart rate. The best part? The straps are accessible to ALL fitness levels.


CORE Fusion

This is your all-in-one client favorite:  we combine low impact cardio bursts, yoga, barre, TRX and Pilates inspired moves to make you look and feel amazing. Take this class when you’re ready to be challenged – and to compliment your yoga and barre classes. Also consider taking if you are a cardio junkie and want to compliment any type of marathon or triathlon training program.


Benefits: All of the above… and MORE! Get your heart rate pumping, challenge yourself, try a new pose, connect with others, and get long and lean.  The ‘CORE’ of our mission is demonstrated in all that we do. 

We ask that for 2018 you rethink your workouts. We have created a program that is designed to build lean muscles without needing to lift heavy weights and hurt yourself (or worse freaking have to count through 3 sets of 10), wear a heart rate monitor and chase a # without seeing results, or have to compete with the person next to you and do exercises incorrectly. We believe in the power of community through safe small group classes.

We’re here waiting to show you what we have to offer to light up and inspire your life on and off the mat, including our community book clubs, monthly challenges and workshops. Let’s start with a class and we’ll explore the rest together. We’ll see you on your mat, Eastern Shore community!

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