Refine Your Resolutions

2017 is here. Holidays are over and Spring is right around the corner. Days turn into nights, then the mornings turn into scarfing something to eat for lunch, and then the next you know its time to plan your weekend. But in the chaos of life, what can you do to refine your days for more enjoyment out of life? There are 86,400 seconds in a day so have you decided to do something good for your health for 3,600 of those?

Most Americans make resolutions for the New Year. That is fine and dandy but then most don’t even make it through the month. One thing I am focusing on this year is REFINEMENT. Refine my yoga practice, refine my diet, refine relationships instead of cutting out something or ignoring that one person or something in my life.

REFINEMENT #1: Refine my workouts and yoga practice. The first step to this refinement is using yoga, barre, and the fusion workouts offered at CORE to enjoy my body, not to use the workouts to look a certain way. This starts by reflecting on myself. Of course it is nice to look great in a swimsuit, but when we look in the mirror at the studio enjoy the view as you watch your body  move. There is no looking in the mirror while doing Warrior 2 and thinking my hips look huge in these pants. The mental image I want to refine for 2017 is “I am so lucky I can move my hips in a way that I can feel the benefit of Warrior 2.” I am glad to have the flexion and build the strength to hold the pose for X amount of time.

This takes some reflection on yourself but that’s what the studio is for. A safe place for all of us to be judgement free and to move and observe as we workout and practice. As the teachers offer alignment cues use them to get to know your body better instead of I can’t do that. There is no I can’t. Instead listen to those cues and apply what you can on a given day and know one day you probably will get to see exactly how that alignment cue should feel.

REFINEMENT #2: Make more good choices than bad. 2016 was slippery “diet wise” for me personally as we were at sea for days and didn’t have access to fresh food or healthy food. I realized the impact food had on my moods. Days after days of burgers and food on the go, and I didn’t even enjoy my food anymore it was “ok let’s eat and drink.” But I don’t believe in giving up a food group completely. I am not going to dry out for a month and not partake in any spirits or something that I love (cookies!!).

That principle may work for some but not for me. The day I decide to give something up then the next day, week, or month that  “thing” is in my face 24-7, maybe it’s 10 different invites to go out for drinks with friends and then me having to say no bc I don’t want to be tempted. Heck, I would much rather visit with precious friends and have that wine. Just not every night.

Find what works for you and make that refinement. If any negative or doubt comes up that you can’t stick to your goals, you CAN. An old principle is when you are hindered by doubt, cultivate the opposite thought. Instead of thinking I eat junk all the time and feel like crap change the mindset to I am appreciate that I have the choice and means to make a healthy decision. So then you earn your treats!

REFINEMENT #3: Relationships. People are difficult. It’s hard to read people and it’s so easy to take things personally. As Don Miguel Ruiz said of the 4 agreements, “Don’t take anything personally.” This was very hard for me and of course still is, but as part of the relationship refinement for 2017, I’ll pay attention to those around me to be a better person. When the person behind me in the car is tailing me and honking, before I may take it personally but now I’ll come from the mindset that this person really has somewhere very important to be and I may be holding them back from that place.

The more you can listen and pay attention to others, I think the better we can feel. I’ll offer my seat to someone who needs it more than I do, as people to really appreciate the little things. The world can be a better place if we all did something as small as a tiny token of appreciation or a smile to that stranger.

2016 I let go, and 2017 is here and I’m ready to refine. Is there something you can do to refine a goal, vision, or resolution?

At CORE we are evolving to offer you what you need. But we want to stick to the mission of inspiration and synergistically providing you with a place to safely work your mind and body. A refinement we are adding to the program for 2017 is an EAT LOVE NOURISH coaching program led by Kelly and Lindsay. More details to come but we want to offer a program to carry you into the new year and follow-through your goals. We lead through inspiration and example. This program will be an all encompassing wellness program for 28 days in February…. details to come but keep checking the website, social media, and mindbody to reserve your spot.

See you on the mat!



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