The CORE of an intention

As another year seems to pass by in a blur, I ask how can it almost be Christmas? Just yesterday I was working 8-5 grinding out the day to day or even leaving on a sail that changed my outlook on life. And blink, time has passed by and it’s already the holidays and here I am talking about my goals and vision for 2017. Oh my goodness. I am picking up the pen today to write about how intention has formed my habits and mindset and how each of you hold the power to your best life.

Let me just start this article by saying nature makes me happy. Who hasn’t been uplifted by just going outside and breathing fresh air? Each morning when I see an amazing sunrise (the days I am up for it) like we witnessed in Wednesday’s class, I think is this real? Each and every morning start your day with a grateful heart. Think of one thing you are thankful for. Tomorrow is not a guarantee so make sure you live each day to the fullest.

The business model I created at CORE is one that links all 3 channels of workout together in one synergistic fashion. We offer yoga, barre, fusion, and suspension classes. Each class is meant to be low-impact for all body styles and all ages and both sexes. This is not a women’s only studio. This is not just for dancers. This is not for bendy peeps. It is for EVERYONE. The workouts are meant to be more than just workouts. You can build stamina and experience some cardio from the fusion, barre, and yoga classes. But personally I believe getting your cardio fix outdoors is better than anything indoors. I walk or run and 2-3 days a week to soak up vitamin D and feel the connection with the earth. I have not stepped on a cardio machine in 4 years, have not ridden a spin bike since I quit teaching spin in April (and I have not looked back). I challenge each of you that have come through CORE’s doors to just breathe and enjoy fresh air as your cardio experience and then create your transformation with your mind and a leaner body through our classes. But first, set an intention with your time you spend working out with us.

The first step in creating a meaningful and lasting practice is ask yourself the reason you are working out today? This is the first step in setting an intention. No intention can be too large or too small. An intention can be one word that comes to mind. An intention is concise statement that harness your determination to achieve a specific outcome. Challenge #2 for you all is drop anything vein or number oriented. Try to not to leave intentions that “say lose 5 pounds, be x size, run a certain pace.” But rather create intentions that are “I will be healthy, I will be mindful when I eat, I will feel better by practicing yoga and slow down.” It can be anything that speaks to you, these are just ideas.

Let your gut and heart guide you in your intentions and your workouts. Start each day with quiet time re-affirming your intention. And don’t worry, if you forget, we will remind you to come back to your intention throughout our classes. Having a vision helps you to overcome all trials, tribulations, and suffering. Remember you are a mountain and no one can move you.

Your intention should be welcoming thoughts, listening to your breath, finding joy in everything you do, and adopt this as a way of life.

My intention for 2016 was to let go. I let go of a corporate job that paid great but just didn’t fufill me mentally. I let go of trash bags of stuff (clothes, junk, things, ect). Yes we sold everything single thing we own and have all of our possessions on one sailboat. Instead I re-invested in experiences. No one can take your health, your experiences, your education away from you. I let go of the 5 pounds I have been wanting to lose for 2 years. But ironically when I quit obsessing over a number or an object, things clicked and I am happy where I am now. I have no idea if I lost the 5 pounds but my clothes fit better and I feel better.

Hopefully this piece helps explain the power of intention. Set your intention the beginning of your day and each & every class you take with us.

Remember what we offer at CORE is not another fitness place. Fitness is not anywhere in our description. We are not a gym. We do not count calories, offer boot camps, or anything like that to that extent. What we want you to experience is total body connection that leaves you feeling longer, leaner, refreshed, energized, and more toned. The experience should leave you with a clearer mind that wants you to come back for more classes, not dreading your “workout.”

I have not set an intention for 2017 but hopefully with each and every class I take and more quiet time in nature, a vision will come for 2017. Thank you all who have come through our doors and we can’t wait to watch you grow and transform in the new year!





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