Mobility vs Flexibility

Anyone feel the “pain” of sitting at a desk for 10 years, or driving day in and  day out, or just lack of mobility from doing the same exercise over and over? IF this isn’t you and you are just curious what mobility and flexibility are: then take a read at my monthly blog post. If you dedicate yourself to improving mobility and flexibility, then great news, you can. During this process don’t let time be an excuse. We make time for what is important for us. We can afford what is important for us. If you don’t believe in that theory, then someone tell me how homeless people can still afford/purchase drugs and alcohol every day?

Do you know or understand what mobility is? Do you know how to increase mobility for your body?

MOBILITY: its pretty simple: Your ability to reach a certain position or posture.

FLEXIBILITY: the capability of bent without breaking. We like to think of flexibility in terms of muscles and mobility in terms of joints, muscles, and tendons.

Here are some key steps to increase your mobility which should help in just feeling better physically as we age. Forunately I have studied under some amazing gurus and have picked up some great tips in my training. So I want to thank Eric Cressey (the top trainer of professional baseball players), Julie Gumasted (yoga studio owner and trained under Iyengar himself), and super yogis Tiffany Cruikshank and Amy Ipolliti.


  1. Be frequent with your movements and classes. Try not to just be a weekend warrior. WE offer classes 7 days per week so you can have choices to come get your fix and benefits. When you learn something new, persistence is key. You don’t just train for 5 hours and expect results. Its more a compound effect of daily movements and habits to retrain your body.
  2. Work ALL plains of your body. Most exercise programs don’t abide by this “rule.” If you only run, you are only working your front plane and forward movement. If you lift weights on your own, you may be working all planes equally but most likely NOT. At our custom designed CORE FUSION classes we make sure to include 3 planes of movement: side-to side, front to back, and transverse movements: aka rotational. Each class has this component to it so we can offer you the best bang for your buck. As Bob said best today: twisting helps get rid of the muffin top quicker than any other movement. Amen Bob.
  3. Use classes as your accountability buddy. The instructors I have hired are very  motivating and do a great job at showing you how your body works. Also you have to typically push to capacity to see results. So if you come to class and always to do same thing without awareness of a new threshold point: you probably won’t see results. So let us help push you to try new things.
  4. Include more unilateral and ONE LEG Work. Every notice that every CORE FLOW class includes a standing sequence where we ask you to stand on one leg and even sometimes close your eyes? Ever notice that in MOST Barre Fusion classes we ask you to stand on one leg and extend the other leg. This is the BEST way to get mobile and improve balance, which basically work hand in hand.
  5. Lastly: BREATHE. When you inhale, you create Tension or typically are elongating your body. When you exhale, your are de-stressing/relaxing. You have to focus on your breath an entire class and with a full exhale the work is completed. Us yoga folks have focused on this and seen success for years so bring in this mindset to other aspects of your training.

I absolutely love to discuss how certain exercises like power yoga, TRX, RIP, and barre increase range of motion in a SAFE way without destroying your joints and muslces in an unsafe way. These practices literally saved my life and body from years of Division 1 stress and years of wasted hours on cardio. So please hit me up if you ever want to discuss more.

At the end of the day, the biggest take away is use common sense with your movements. Your body wants to move so CREATE time for it. Approach the planning of this just as you approach how you care for your kids, job, or anything else that is important to you. You only have this one body, so treat it right.

Namaste and see you on the mat-


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