Inspirational Reads of 2017

2017 was my first full year in business as a soloprenuer. And I will say that owning a business is the hardest thing I have ever done but yet the most rewarding as well. In order to help grow my business and to keep me motivated throughout the year, I devoted 2017 to reading nothing but inspirational/business related books. Take a peak at what I read and some take home pointers from each publication. I did also realize that I spent way too much time scrolling through social media at night so now for 2018 my main goal is to only get on social to check and post for business updates or a recommendation if I need something personally. Goodbye and no more to 3,000 miles scrolled with my right index finger. I don’t care about someones political stance or what they had for dinner. But I’ll just share with you the donughts we had for breakfast while in Las Vegas:)

Also top picture is when Randy, Baxter, and I used to live in various libraries when we traveled on the sailboat. There was always AC and internet and quietness without needing to buy a 4.00 latte.



I will also preface that I am a slow reader combined with the wasted minutes on Facebook so here’s what I got finished during the year:

  • 48 LAWS OF POWER by Robert Greene- Great book. Definitely not the easiest read but when you are the boss and own a company, this was super helpful to have these laws under my belt. Top law I reference all the time: Always say less than needed. I’ll paraphrase: I listen and absorb information and stew on it and speak less.
  • Positioning by Al Rias: This book read more like a college text book that I suffered through in my Masters Program at USA, but nonetheless great to refresh my memory. How you position yourself, your brand, or company can make or break you. I have positioned CORE is a boutique fitness studio as a brand in itself not associated with me. To me building a brand that is known for quality workouts and strong is much more important that linking my name to it (unlike local people who want to brand themselves with probably not the best credentials  or experiences to even do that). It’s about CORE, not Lindsay.
  • Loving my Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall: A client recommended and let me borrow this book and what a fun easy read. It really puts thing in perspective on how chaotic your life seems but really is nothing compared to someone else. Helps with priorities as well.
  • Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray: Boring book but glad I read it. Nothing to really paraphrase here and to be honest I kinda sped read this one.
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell: Great managerial read if you have to work with people. We are overloaded with communication in this world as there is always music, logos on peoples car and tee shirts, ads, just business everywhere. Learn how to differentiate the way you get past all this clutter.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim and Maugorne: Another great marketing book. Part of the main gist of this book is how you separate yourself from the competition and the first step of doing this is looking at how you have innovated a product or service. No one in this area offers a similar class to what I created for CORE and I am still working on growing and expanding my blue ocean to clients with a new class offering to launch early in 2018.
  • The Science of Success by Charles Koch: One of my sweet instructors Gabi recommended this read. Rule #1 of success: you don’t believe in competition but rather that there is an abundance out there to offer your service too. Rule #2: If you think you are healthy you will be healthy. Don’t talk about being sick or blast it out there to the universe. I basically have been following these guidelines and has worked well so far.
  • The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin: This was an easy read and a broad way to look at people you interact with. Are you an upholder, obliger, rebel, or questioner? I am an obliger 110% all the way-I need external help to reach a goal. This is why group fitness works for me. I really don’t enjoy or won’t teach myself a class. I need someone else teaching me and I enjoy it better that way. Once you understand what your spouse or maybe another client is, it helps you understand them better and empathize so you can work better with others.

Do you have any good recommendations you can message, comment, or email below? Heads up if you leave a comment it will take 48 hours to approve due to the 250 scam artist who comment daily.


If you don’t plan to read as much this year what do you plan to do? My goal is travel more and commit to my health by attending a class at CORE daily when I’m not teaching.


Right now we are reading the YOGI Assignment by Kino MacGregor and it is phenomenal. Even if you aren’t in the challenge with us, pick it up and give it a read to be a better person in this new year.


See you on the mat and Namate:)

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