Food. Family. Fun.

Our last week here in the beautiful Fla Keys has been nothing but food, family, and fun. In no particular order though. We decided to rent a car and head up to Miami to pick up Jess and her friend Paige. Holiday weekend in the Keys was no easy drive back. Well for some it may have been (i.e. Baxter). The normal Miami to Marathon drive should take about 1.5 hours, but try more like 3 on July 4th weekend. Since the drive was so brutal we had to take a lunch break at Alabama Jacks on Cardsound road (totally worth the detour for those of you driving to the Keys).

Before I get into the complete nitty gritty of what we provisioned for in Miami, I’d like to share our adventures here in Marathon and Key West. I’m proud of the girls for packing light (small carry-on size luggages) but they didn’t go light in the diva category. Living on a boat means hot dingy rides to and from shore and walking (we don’t own a car). But they survived and were already talking about visiting us again one day soon, in the Bahamas! Yay:)

Day 1 consisted of snorkeling and adventuring. We went out to Sombrero Key and then explored Pigeon Key. Sombrero has mooring balls so luckily we had the dingy in tow for me to snag one in between the big commercial boats coming in and out. Water was clean and cool, and the visibility was about 50 feet. Sunday funday ended with a dingy ride dinner trip to Burdines. Burgers and fries never tasted so good after a day out on the water.

Day 2: Key West here we come. But we have to find a way to get there, right? Wake up, pack a smaller bag, and walk to the bus stop. Board the bus for 4 bucks one way (Lower Keys Shuttle). This was Jess’ first trip on public transportation and she wasn’t aware of rule #3,312 for public transportation. You don’t make eye contact with people you don’t know. Well she did. The guy who lives in the mangroves who had 6 trash bags of items took a seat next to her and talked for 20ish minutes about how he feeds and talks to 36 species of birds daily. Sweet guy but I like to take transportation in silent.

Due to it being 112 degrees here, a day wouldn’t be a well spent day in Key West if it wasn’t at Dantes. Pool, bar hopping, and eating topped off our trip to Key West. The girls had a blast that even ended in pizza at 2:30 am. Us other two peeps were in the room asleep. We even missed fireworks because we were having some yummy, local Cuban food at El Siboney.

I think the girls enjoyed Key West so much I may have even overheard them planning their future bachelorette parties there one day. Hell yes that’s a good idea!

Back to Miami to drop Paige and Jess off at the airport. We then trucked to the Florida City Walmart. We have been provisioning more or less every time we went to the store so we would not have a $1,000 grocery bill like our friends Bob and Shannon did. They have a 34 cat and are going to buddy-sail to Bimini with us. Thankfully ours was only 150.00. But in case anybody is wondering what our vessel has for provisioning, here it is:

  • 6 cases of beer
  • 15 bottles of liquor (you have to be prepared for rainy days and sundowners)
  • 6 bottles of wine
  • 100 lb of ice (we have 2 Yetis, 105L and the Roadie (20L))
  • 2 or more months supply of food- i.e. lots of rice, grains, frozen and canned veggies, sauces, some meats, paper products
  • 212 gallons of water (water actually cost in the Bahamas starting around .25/gallon)
  • 70 gallons diesel
  • 22 gallons gasoline

Since we are on the topic of counting and I get this question a lot, I’ll share how many clothes I have on board. My stuff is spread out more so than Randy’s and I can already tell, I have way too much.

  • 10 bras (including the comfy elastized ones)
  • 7 socks
  • 14 pair of running and “sailing” shorts (all Lululemon-breathable and don’t stink)
  • 9 casual shorts (white, denim, patterned etc-ones I would wear out to dinner)
  • 10 tanks top to wear around town
  • 17 tank tops for working out (ridiculous, I know)
  • 10 sports bras
  • 14 yoga pants (yet to wear one, I practice in shorts since SOO hot)
  • 10 long sleeve tees (another thing I have yet to touch)
  • 3 hoodies (now I’m sounding crazy)
  • 10 dressy/dinner type tops
  • 8 dresses including shirt-type cover ups
  • 2 pairs of jeans

The more I see this, the crazier I think I am. Especially considering we don’t have washing facilities on board. We visited a fluff and fold today spending 40.00 bucks getting our laundry done. It almost was worth since we had so much to do traveling and provision wise. Next post will be about how we do actually do laundry on the boat when we choose to.

Everyone please pray for fair winds and light seas as we depart Saturday to cross the Gulf Stream to Bimini. We can’t wait! When we got married 4 years ago I was naive enough to say I never wanted to have another job or wanted to move anywhere. Well here we are living in the Keys and then to the Bahamas for the next 3-4 months. So far enjoying every minute of it and wouldn’t change it for a thing. Here’s to many more adventures and I sure hope these articles/post inspire some of you that living in a small space and traveling can be done.

First person to comment below identifying where this business card is gets a handwritten postcard from us! Don’t forget that if you find any of our stickers in bars and streets in Key West or Bahamas, post a pic of you by the sticker on social media, and we buy you a beer or two. Happy searching and we’d love to hear from you all. See everyone on the other side of the Atlantic…

  • Bill Rainey
    Posted at 16:51h, 07 July Reply

    Thanks for the details really interesting to read.

  • Bill Rainey
    Posted at 16:54h, 07 July Reply

    Is your business card at Dantes?

    • caribbeansouladventures
      Posted at 08:39h, 08 July Reply

      Close but no cigar, but we love you so we can mail you a postcard anyway:)

  • Datcey
    Posted at 21:53h, 07 July Reply

    So that’s really 20 bras?
    We can take stuff back if you’re not going to need – hoodies, jeans

  • Emily
    Posted at 22:24h, 07 July Reply

    Trash the bras. I’m really concerned about myself now… I have two. And I live in a house. 😘😘

    • caribbeansouladventures
      Posted at 08:40h, 08 July Reply

      Ha! Yah, I guess I should clarify these are like cottony training bras- from Sway in FH. But too bad I don’t work out anymore so the sports bra aren’t getting any use :(((((

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