Eleuthera and Exumas: Life keeps getting better

After a much needed rest and marina stay with full amenitites in Nassau, we patiently awaited for our family to arrive for our next adventure. After lots of Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Dominos, and shopping at Fresh Market, the family finally arrived via a painless flight on Silver Airways Tampa to Nassau.

Day One entailed our favorite dive here in the Bahamas: a blue hole infested with sharks. But these are little sharks that are worried about their next mate, not us. Trip and Allen made the trek with Ran and I down 95 ft, while the blondies Maggie and Darcey stayed up top to catch some sun. Pictures don’t even do it any justice so its not even worth it for me to post some.

Eight hours later we made it Gregorytown, Eluethera. We heard there was nothing there but it was quite enjoyable, with the exception of no running water for 2.5 days. Yeah, we had 6 people in one house with no water. Lucikly our boat served us for showers and we had some buckets to pull some water from a well but it put a damper in cooking and many other things. Alas the last day it was up and running. All the beautiful beaches, fresh pineapple our neighbors gave us, and amazing locals made the trip worth it.

It’s hard to pinpoint the “highlight” of the Eleuthera trip, but the lobster the guys caught were pretty epic. Fresh caught dinner that would have been 40.00 per entree while eating out that we could enjoy at our fingertips. Darcey handled the lobster in garlic and butter and then in the oven..voila…and yummy.

If anyone is planning on visiting Eleuthera, some not to miss sites:

  • Glass Bridge
  • Rainbow beach (the picture of Maggie)
  • Eat some pineapple-best time for that is July
  • Gregorytown and Governers Harbour- just a neat out island Bahama vibe feel
  • fresh conch salad where you can find-we found at Tarpum Bay
  • The Ocean Hole in Rock Sound

I could keep going on and on but I want to keep the blog post a reasonably short read. After four wonderful days in Eleuthera, we sailed back to Nassau to enjoy some touristy water park attractions at Atlantis. After the fam left, we did laundry and re-provisioned then Exumas here we come!

We kept hearing so many amazing things about the Exumas and that part of the Bahamas did not disappoint. This was the clearest and prettiest water we have ever seen. Day 1 here involved playing with the iguanas. Allen’s Cay is the home of a million or more iguanas. Kinda weirded me out but a neat thing to see. After a day there, we headed South for Highbourne and Normans Cay. Snorkeling and dingy rides not be missed here. There isn’t much in Highbourne except a nice marina and a long pretty beach, so we just anchored for a few hours then zipped 10 miles south to Normans to snorkel Ezecebars plane wreck! Highlight of our trip so far until we made it to Warderick. Warderick Wells is the home of the Bahamas National Park so lots of hiking and just pure, untouched nature.

Besides Warderick being our favorite anchorage so far, we actually decided to exercise. The goal of Warderick is to hike up to the top of Boo Boo Hill (called that because apparently a schooner disappeared outside of this island with bodies that were never found so the “boo boo” is the sound of the people calling to you in the wind). Once you make it to the top, there is a driftwood pile of people’s boats. We didn’t have any driftwood so unfortunately we didn’t leave our mark, just got a picture to prove we made the hike.

After 2 days in Warderick Wells it was time to move on to the much anticipated Staniel Cay. Our cruiser friend Bob said it should just keep getting better from here when we were in Bimini, and yep, he was right. We said Staniel Cay was now our new favorite spot but we had been saying every spot we went to before Staniel was our favorite. After Staniel we are now in Spanish Wells and this is our favorite spot! At the end of the day its pretty much impossible to pinpoint the best part of our trip thus far. But I digress, back to pictures of piggies and clear water.

Not that we are per-se vacationing but if we were, you can’t beat Staniel. The food pricing was more than reasonable and delicious, the cottages were on the water and you get a boat rental in your cottage stay. We feel so fortunate to time our trip with our local Fairhope friends Bridget and Alex. Seeing our people and meeting people in general energizes us. We have not been disappointed in that regard either. After 5 days of piggies, snorkeling in Thunderball grotto, catching up on Olympics, friends, chores, just like that we were off to Spanish Wells. More updates coming soon but of course we didn’t leave Staniel without making our mark.

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