HOT CORE FLOW: 60m class *heated to 88

Vinyasa based power yoga lining movement with breath cues. Class includes sun salutations, standing poses, heart openers, and seated postures. Expect to leave rejuvenated and energized in mind, body, and spirit.


HOT FLOW Express: 45m class *heated to 88

Our condensed heated power yoga class consisting of 30 minutes of sun salutation variation followed by 15 minutes of hip openers and seated postures. Class is led with breath cues and is movement based to ensure you get a mind and body benefit in this 45 minutes.


CORE Express: 45m *heated to 78

Intense total body workout alternating between strap based movements and mat based core-centric exercises. No breaks and expect to get our heart rate up through quick movements followed by strength component of holding isometric yoga poses and/or positions at the barre.


BARRE FUSION: 60m min class *unheated

A total body workout utilizing props including blocks, resistance bands, small weights, and the barre. Class is designed to tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles. We instruct to the Barre Intensity Method and allow time for stretching at the end. BARRE Express is a 45m version of this class.


CORE FUSION: 60m class *heated 78-82

CORE’s unique approach to the ultimate total body workout. Instructors choice of mixing suspension training, barre, yoga, weights, and bands to build strength, length, mobility, and flexibility. Expect to work your entire CORE every time you step on the mat: shoulders, arms, abs, glutes, and thighs.


CORE CIRCUIT: 60m class *unheated

Our newest class format added in 2018 that utilizes the TRX RIP trainer. Class is circuit based designed to get your heart pumping and continue to move the entire class. We alternate between a suspension station, the RIP trainers, and mat work. Linday’s philopshy of the importance of functional strength is weaved throughout this entire class so you will leave leaner, stronger, and feeling younger when you leave.