30 Days of Silks

Day 1: Aerial Yoga Class. Kudzu Aerial. Fairhope, AL. Not sure what to expect. Grab a “vine” as Megrez would say. Left feeling completely rejuvenated. Didn’t sweat a drop but woke up Monday sore from neck to toe and walking funny. The elongation you can get from working out with props and in this case the silks as props, does wonders for your body. Using the silks as props is the perfect balance between muscle work when we are statically holding a pose and then the elongation comes from having an assist to dive deeper in a pose. Pictured above is mermaid pose from the inverted state at the end. First time doing this and hopefully will have a better variation by day 30.

Day 2: Aerial conditioning. 45ish minutes of hamstring work, plank flows, and standing poses. Still so sore I wasn’t able to hold the poses for any length, but already feeling a slight change in my body. Was able to do standing box today.

Day 3: Conditioning again. Emily kicked up the flow a notch bringing in longer holds and more variations for standing in the silks. Also worked on core tilts. So that means I woke up sore in muscles I forgot existed the day I graduated from yoga teacher training. Those little muscles where the biceps meet the forearms. Ouch, but in a good way.

Day 4: Yoga. Pose of the day: flying pigeon. This is hands down the best hip stretch ever. First day and variation is keeping leg that is not bound in the silk on the ground. If and when knees feel stable, the leg can rise. My body begins to shake here at about 45 seconds in so this shot was snapped in a millisecond. Goal of these 30 days is to learn how to fly safely while elongating my muscles. I would love to appear taller and leaner and actually be able to improve my on the mat yoga practice by being more flexible and hopefully some additional poses will be available to me.

Day 5: 30 minute circus conditioning. WOW….Megrez knows whats up. As a personal trainer and alignment specialist, she has this particular class down to the science. It is a brutal 30 minutes of equal parts holding an isometric or doing some type of movements for the full minute. 12 sets of 1 minute repeated twice. Ouch.

Day 6: Hello week 2. Currently at Kudzu there are no Saturday classes and Sunday was my big birthday ice-cream binge so I couldn’t fly. I took a sidetrack from my mindful eating to enjoy the b-day festivities. But Monday night conditioning was well worth the change.. The longer conditioning classes (1 hour slots) are a good mix between some yoga poses with the standard faster-paced ones. Think lots of standing poses like splits working on adductors, quads, and yummy leg exercises. Still at the point where each class I leave I’m sore somehow. It was the lats after this class.

Day 7 and Day 8: I am so lucky to be able to end my week with the 30 minute conditioning class. As part of my shift for 2016 into the role of a health coach, I’m trying to totally zone into the “right” workouts that bring me joy and are for the long haul as opposed to slogging through hours and hours of cardio as I was guilty of in my twenties. So 30 minutes is right up my speed. I can help you with the right workout for what you’re goals are and this could be it. Inversion play of the day was some handstand work. Sunday yoga was great as my fellow teacher trainee friend and amazing instructor Lindsay Sturm joined us. New pose of the day is goddess squat and our new inversion was shoulder stand (pictured). This was done with a full body sweat and shake since it is harder than it looks…

So as I came to an “end” of this 30 days of silks journey…what does that mean for me? Well it means that I have partnered with Megrez to share the love of silk conditioning with some peeps for a spring boot camp. I can’t wait! I can assure my group they will feel great, more toned, see a difference in ground yoga practice or any other type of workouts. Grip strength is still my work in progress but looking forward to see how the group develops and progresses. So let #wellnesswednesday begin in style come March. Until then I have to have goals inspired by Megrez, right?

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